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Nov 9, 2010

Designing and Managing Sustainable IT Service Systems

Mariagrazia Fugini, G.R. Gangadharan, Barbara Pernici, Designing and Managing Sustainable IT Service Systems, Proc. International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS 2010), 8 pages, October 2010 in Cernobbio, Lake Como, Italy
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Posted by: alerox
This paper proposes guidelines for designing and managing IT service systems along the perspective of energy awareness, or, more generally, sustainability and greenness. By energy awareness we mean that the service system is enriched with Green Performance Indicators - GPI expressing which resources (data, CPU, as well as consumables, power for cooling the IT platform, and so on) the service system employs and what energy it consumes. To exemplify our GPI, in the paper, we refer to an IT service scenario of e-commerce, where several services cooperate to deliver ordered items to customers, and present how our identified GPI can drive choices at the strategic, tactical, and operational level to obtain a sustainable or green process.