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Feb 2, 2011

Energy Consumption Optimisation in HPC Service Centres

A. Kipp, L. Schubert, J. Liu, T. Jiang, W. Christmann and M. vor dem Berge. Energy Consumption Optimisation in HPC Service Centres, in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for Engineering, Ajaccio, Corsica, France, April 2011
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Posted by: alerox
Within this paper we are going to give an overview of the GAMES’ project approach towards effective monitoring and management of IT Service infrastructures, in particular HPC environments. To this end we will discuss the impact of effective monitoring and management strategies and solutions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of such approaches with respect to overall energy vs. execution efficiency. Furthermore, we are going to give a brief overview over existing software management and monitoring tools and show, how these existing solutions can be coupled with our new approach.