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Jun 29, 2011

Approach towards an Energy-Aware and Energy-Efficient High Performance Computing Environment

A. Kipp, T. Jiang, J. Liu, D. Khabi, Y. Kovalenko, L. Schubert, M. vor dem Berge, W. Christmann, Approach towards an energy-aware and energy-efficient high performance computing environment, in 2011 IEEE 7th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing, 2011, pp. 493-499.
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Posted by: alerox
The CO2 emission of data centres worldwide is already equivalent to about the total airlines’ CO2 emissions, and accounts for almost 2% of the world production. As energy consumption increases and environmental concerns grow, efficiency of IT systems and data centres becomes a priority for the industry. High Performance Computing is considered one of the major issues to be addressed in this context. The GAMES project aims at developing a set of innovative methodologies, metrics, Open Source ICT services and tools for the active management of energy efficiency of IT Service Centres. In this paper we are going to present how in particular complex HPC environments can be monitored and managed in an energy-efficient way whilst keeping the additional payload for the entire system as little as possible.