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Jun 12, 2012

Setting energy efficiency goals in data centres: the GAMES approach

Barbara Pernici, C. Cappiello, M.G. Fugini, P. Plebani, M. Vitali, I. Salomie, T. Cioara, I. Anghel, E. Henis, R. Kat, D. Chen, G. Goldberg,  M. Vor dem Berge, W. Christmann, A. Kipp, T. Jiang, J. Liu, M. Bertoncini, D. Arnone, A. Rossi, Setting energy efficiency goals in data centres: the GAMES approach, Proc. E3DC workshop, within E-Energy 2012 Conference, May 2012

Category: Publications
Posted by: alerox
Energy-aware service centers take into account energy con-sumption of infrastructures, machines, applications, storage systems, andall what constitutes a distributed computing architecture. The goal ofthe paper is to present the approach to energy eciency in data centersin the GAMES (Green Active Management of Energy in IT Service cen-tres) project. We show how Green Performance Indicators (GPIs), i.e.,properties that, continuously monitored, evidence the level of consumedenergy by the center's IT resources, can be the basis of a systematic ap-proach to increase energy eciency. The GPIs are the basis for improvingenergy eciency in several ways with adaptive actions and the paper dis-cusses how to achieve a higher level of green maturity, as prescribed, forinstance, in the GreenGrid Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM), basedon a usage-centric perspective in GPIs. The paper briey describes mon-itoring of GPIs and the adaptation actions adopted to reach the greengoals. Preliminary experimental results are discussed.