Categories: Publications
      Date: Aug 10, 2010
     Title: Energy Efficiency in Information Systems: the GAMES approach
Cinzia Cappiello, Maria Grazia Fugini, Barbara Pernici, Pierluigi Plebani, Efficienza Energetica nei Sistemi Informativi: l’approccio GAMES, Italian AICA Conference, L’Aquila, Sept. 2010

This article is part of the Green-IT, and outlines the guidelines that inspired the European research project GAMES (Green Active Management ofEnergy IT Service Centres). The purpose of this project is to develop a set of methodologies, software tools, software services and innovative metrics for the design and management of IT Service Centre (next to Data Centre generation) in which the role of energy efficiency is of primary importance. In particular, this article describes the adopted approach based on continual innovation, where the key of innovation regards reducing energy consumption of applications in relation to functional and nonfunctional aspects them. This results in the creation of an architecture that supports the implementation of the so-called GAMES-enabled applications: adaptive applications can measure their energy use and adapt in the case of waste or changes in energy resources available.